eff cancer FAQ

Q. Is EffCancer.org a non profit organization?
A. No, we are not currently registered as a 501c3 at this time.

Q. Does your website contribute to cancer research?
A. Heck ya. That is why we are here! We donate a portion of every sale to different cancer research organizations. We will be publishing that list in early 2020

Q. What is the ultimate goal of EffCancer.org?
A. Our goal here is simple. We want to make amazing apparel with a simple message. That message is eff cancer. We want to build our brand and company as well as shed a light on the massive need for funding for cancer research, not to mention sending them a lot of checks.

Q. Why did you trademark the phrase “eff cancer”
A. By trademarking “eff cancer” we will be able to ensure that the bulk of the items sold on the web that say “eff cancer” on them will run through this website and therefore making sure that the cancer research organizations will benefit from the sales.

Q. I see “eff cancer” shirts all over the web on sites such as Etsy, Zazzle and Amazon to name just a few. If I buy one of those, do they donate the same way that you do?
A. The simple answer is no. There are literally hundreds of places on the web that you could buy a tee shirt that says “eff cancer” but we are the ones that put the profits to good use, cancer research.

Q. We have a charity event that uses the term “eff cancer” in our marketing and during the event. Will your trademark prohibit us from using that term?
A. NO WAY. Our goal in trademarking “eff cancer” is not to get in the way of the many great organizations that use that term to promote their event or raise awareness. We simply want to make sure that those using the term are helping cancer patients and research and not just selling tee shirts on the web.