About Us

Thank you for visiting the effcancer.org website. As on most websites this is the page where we tell you “about us”. That is actually pretty simple. We are a small apparel company located in Vancouver WA. We have been in the tee shirt business for a handful of years. Over that time we sold all of the silly and funny tee shirts that we have all come to love. Business was good and we were having fun with our little project.

Over the last few years we have seen a handful of friends and family diagnosed with some form of cancer. In a few of the cases, the research for their particular cancer was quite limited and the stigma around other cancers hinder them from raising funds for research. For example, we have a few people in our community that are diagnosed with lung cancer. The first thought that comes to most people’s heads is that they did it to themselves by smoking. In this particular case, none of these people have smoked a day in their lives. That type if stigma hinders their ability to raise funds for research.

With all that said, we decided to dedicate our web project to sell apparel and generate funds for research and awareness. PLEASE NOTE that we are not a non profit organization. We are very much about running our business to make a profit, it is just that we donate a portion of that profit to cancer research. The more shirts we sell, the more profit there is to send to our charity partners. It is really that simple.

As we move into 2020, we have trademarked the phrase “eff cancer”. The reasoning behind this it to make sure that apparel and other items that contain this phrase will only be available here and therefore will insure that the charities will benefit from every sale. As of now, you can find tee shirts all over the web that say “eff cancer” but the proceeds are just going to the tee shirt store and not to help with cancer research.

That’s our story. If you have any questions, please visit the contact us tab at the top of the website and we will gladly get back to you and remember “eff cancer”.